Work With Nature to Boost Testosterone – Forget About Steroids

The difference between eastern and western medicine mostly comes down to one main philosophical issue of the west believing in intervention and trying to control issues, whereas the east choosing the less aggressive and more subtle approach of returning the balance of nature to the body. Each has its own tools – the west having drugs and scalpel and the east having acupuncture, massage, chiropractic techniques, diet controls and herbal remedies to replace essential compounds found to be lacking from the diet of patients.

While the east has had thousands of years to prefect its craft and is widely taught in University for accreditation of professionals, it has only been within the last 1-200 years that the west stopped the use of Crazy Bulk reviews leeches, blood-letting and other horrifically misinformed practices, and only decades since the barbaric practices of lobotomies and electro-shock treatments have been outlawed. The west has been overcome by ego and arrogance in its goal to better the power of nature, whereas the traditional Asian ways work powerfully and successfully to improve the health of its people by natural means.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has no drugs – rather it will use plant and animal materials in a variety of forms to make-up for deficiencies in peoples diets, just as patients will be directed to cease eating certain food groups until they are healed, just as they may have their body manipulated by massage to return healthy circulation. For many hundreds of years when men got too fat and lost their sex drive, low testosterone was easily diagnosed, and they were directed to boil either a certain type of tree-root or a plant material into a tea to consumed each day – together with a short burst of heavy exercise to return the body to a natural balance of increased testosterone production. By this means the patient naturally produced their own testosterone at increased levels which fed-back into increased sexual and other activity and the loss of their excess weight.