Italian Hooliganism

There are reports in the press which are detailing the rise in popularity of unrest and hooliganism at Italian football (soccer) matches. Each week sees major disturbances at football matches amongst crowds.

There is thought to be a strong hooligan element amongst Italian supporters. The problem has become so rife that the press does not even bother to publish details regarding stabbings and other serious injuries.

However, recently, all football matches in Italy were suspended pending further evaluation after serious rioting and the death of an Italian policeman. The problem has got so bad that there is even the threat of all future matches being played behind closed doors.

Yet, at other times, families are seen bringing in Italianสมัครเว็บ ufabet Christmas cake and there are even reports of the local bars serving mulled wine specifically for football supporters. So where does the polarity stem from?

On the one hand, there is the picture of a quaint afternoon out watching your favorite football team with your family, whilst at the other, there is the hooligan element who are hell bent upon disturbing as many people as they can and who have no regard whatsoever for watching the football. There was a time when England were most implicated in the rise in violence and mob culture.

However, England has now put itself in the position of having regulated their football both in the U.K. itself and abroad. So what is needed to help to regulate Italian supporters whose only goal is to create fear, havoc, and mayhem?