Game Day Nutrition for High School Football Players

To enhance performance and increase endurance effectively, each young athlete and their parents should make proper nutrition, on and off the field, a high priority. Proper nutrition takes planning and preparation and begins at home. Proper nutrition will not only help build strong bodies, but also strong minds. And it will set each young athlete on the road to a healthy adulthood.

Game day nutrition is especially important because the proper nutrients will help regulate blood sugar and keep energy levels up. Whey protein will help build lean muscle and assist in recovery. Staying hydrated will also help with recovery from exertion.

1-2 hours prior to workout, conditioning, practice or event: Prepare for exercise by hydrating your body and consuming a small amount of carbs to provide adequate fuel during exercise and prevent fatigue while still allowing the stomach to be relatively empty at start of competition/workout, preventing GI distress and discomfort during exercise.

Recommendations: Drink 16 oz of a hydrating sports drink and consume a low sugar, protein bar.

During workout, conditioning, practice or event: Each athlete needs คู่บอลสเต็ป ufabet carbs, protein and electrolytes to prevent dehydration, support the immune system, and delay muscle fatigue and stress responses caused by exercise.

Recommendations: Drink 16 oz. of hydrating sports drink and 4 oz. of a whey protein supplement mixed in a water bottle.

Post Workout or Event: Each athletes needs whey protein to rapidly recover, maximize glycogen stores and facilitate muscle tissue repair. It also relieves muscle aches caused by lactic acid buildup after a workout and provides nutrients to maximize the effects of conditioning. Re-hydrating also provides adequate fluid to support proper bodily functions.

Recommendations: Consume a whey protein product mixed as directed immediately after workout and again two hours after workout. Continue to drink a hydrating sports drink until thirst in quenched.