LCD Rentals and Purchases – How to Select the Best Monitor For Your Needs

If your business hosts a lot of meetings or training sessions, you may have considered both LCD rentals. Or maybe you’ve considered buying. Either way, you have probably been baffled by the language used in the specs for the average LCD monitor. This brief guide will discuss the main specifications you need to be aware before selecting the model for your LCD rental or purchase.

Should You Worry About Response Time When Renting an LCD Display?

Response time is one of the most discussed specifications for LCD monitors, but it is hard to gauge the accuracy of manufacturers’ claims. Response time is the minimum time necessary to change a pixel’s color or brightness. Response time actually consists of a rising time and a falling time – that is, the amount of time required for pixels to turn off and then on. Rising TCL Android TV times tend to be fast on LCDs, but falling times tend to be slower, which can cause blurring of images.

Some manufacturers use a black-to-black scale and some use gray-to-gray, which is considerably shorter. Always try to find out which measurement they are using. And, as the people at caution, take manufacturers’ specs with a grain of salt.

If you need an LCD rental for a training session, response time may be more of a factor since poor image quality can impede students’ understanding. If you are renting a large LCD panel for a trade show, response time may not be as much of an issue since people are not viewing it as intensely as they would in a training session.

LCD Displays and Native Resolution

Resolution is the number of vertical and horizontal pixels in the LCD matrix. LCD panels have only one, which is why it is called the native resolution. Higher resolution means better picture quality. When it comes to renting an LCD display, you need to consider the ways you plan to use it. You will need a higher resolution for displays with lots of video. If you are using a lot of static images and text, you may be able to drop the resolution lower. The size of the space you plan to use will also affect your choice. Your LCD rentals agent can help you determine the right resolution.

Note that if you set your computer’s display lower than the native resolution of the monitor, you can distort the images.…