Why Is Air Duct Cleaning Important?

The quality of indoor air begins at the time of construction and must be among your primary concerns. It is estimated by the EPA states that the indoor environment is between two up to 5 times as polluted as outdoor air which is even true for newly constructed and shiny homes.

It is believed that since the introduction of modern building standards and a general decrease in quality of the air outside that the quality of your indoor air should be more hygienic. However, that isn’t accurate. In our effort to cut the cost of energy and waste manufacturing and construction, both parties are working together to develop more efficient methods to ensure that a house is airtight. There are windows now that help to keep the heat inside the house during winter, and cold air inside during summer. Additionally, we have devices that allow dryer vent cleaning to detect holes in the walls and then seal the leaks. The use of insulation, moisture barriers and basement waterproofing, along with improved sealing around doors and windows make a house does not breathe.

In this kind of environment, it can create a perfect environment for the growth of bacteria that can cause a decrease in the quality of indoor air. This is where the air duct cleaning service is essential. Utilizing specially designed equipment the air ducts of your home are cleaned regularly to ensure that any water or disease-carrying bacteria is removed.

Top 5 Duct Cleaning Benefits

1. Save money

The EPA has conducted studies that show that by eliminating just four-tenths of an inch debris from coils of cooling systems you can cut down on energy consumption by as much as 21 percent.

2. Extend Life of HVAC Systems

It is believed that 9 percent of HVAC equipment fail, or fail because of inadequate maintenance. Repairs and maintenance to repair an HVAC system could be expensive. Many people ignore this and think that they’re making savings in the short run. However, in the long term, it usually results in having to change their HVAC system few years earlier than they need to.

3. Indoor Air Quality

Many people believe that cleaning the air vents is essential for maintaining clean indoor air. Dust and allergens (pollen pet dander, pollen) and toxics (mold mildew, mold, the droppings of rodents) are all common in air vents. Even if homeowners clean their home or employ an expert carpet central vacuum cleaning there is a certain amount of dust gets blown up into the air before it settles down in the air ducts. If this is mixed with water in the ducts it can become a source of food for bacteria.

4. Allergies

Duct cleaning is often required in order to create a safe and healthy environment for those suffering from allergies within your own family. The cleaning of air ducts can significantly decrease the number of allergens found in homes.…